Buying at Tuon Store is very easy and totally safe. We accept the most practical and secure forms of payment. Choose the one of your preference.

Credit card

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Dinner's Club, Elo and Hipercard credit cards. The protection and confidentiality of your purchase is our priority. For this reason, in your carrier's secure environment, your credit card data is encrypted and sent directly to the card company, without retaining any records in our system. You must wait a maximum of 48 hours to confirm your payment with your credit card company.

Bank slip

This payment option does not allow installment payments. When you close an order, the system generates a bank slip on your computer screen. Print the document and pay at any bank or through Internet Banking until the due date.

The expiration date of the ticket is informed on the ticket itself.

The payment confirmation is automatically made by the banks within 2 (two) business days, so you do not need to send us any notification. If you pay your bank slip by check, add another 04 (four) business days to the deadline for submitting your order. This period corresponds to the time to confirm receipt of the amount by the bank.

If you have not been able to print your ticket (check your printer), it will also be available on our website through My Orders for viewing until it expires.

TIP: Print the ticket and pay through your Internet Banking, payment confirmation is faster and expedites your delivery!

The 7-Step Billing Process:

You select the boleto bancário option from the Form of Payment menu;
A new page will appear with a link for you to view your ticket;
You click on the link, the ticket is generated and you print it;
You pay the bill at any bank branch or via Internet banking;
The bank informs us within 2 business days that your ticket number has been paid;
Your order is located in the database and the delivery process is activated;
Your order is sent after confirmation from the bank. Therefore the delivery time is calculated from this day.