Our rules regarding exchange or refund policy are in accordance with the Consumer Protection Code. We aim at total customer satisfaction and so the exchange for withdrawal or regret is also possible. However, all the products we commercialize are consumer goods and to ensure their own safety and hygiene, we have some rules that are necessary, they are:

1 First contact one of our attendants through one of our service channels informed on the website and inform the attendant the reason for the exchange or return

2 The maximum term for exchanges or returns is 7 days
3 The product can not show any signs of tampering or use and must remain sealed and intact.

4 To post the product back pack it properly along with all the items that came to you like, packaging, company box, bubble wrap, gifts etc.

5 Send to: Company Name: Tuon Cosmeticos Ltda Epp Ac - 03.676.737 / 0001-17 - Address: Rua R Iapo, 233 - Zip Code: 02512-020 - São Paulo - SP.

6 In the box, make a letter with the number of your request, informing you of the reason for the exchange or return, according to what was informed to the attendant in the Call Center on the first contact made

7 To make the exchange for another product, if there is any difference in value the customer can choose the form of payment. If the value of the product chosen for exchange is lower than the one that is being returned, the customer must choose another product until it reaches the total value of the original order. We do not reimburse value differences for cases of exchange

8 The costs of sending for exchanges or returns are at the customer's expense.


1 The product is not properly sealed, the packaging has been tampered with or used

2 There is dissatisfaction with the result of an application of the cosmetic products. The results are not totally guaranteed because they depend on several factors unrelated to their commercialization such as hair type, chemical previously applied to the hair submitted to the process, etc. Therefore, no exchanges or returns will be accepted for these cases

3 To be characterized the misuse of the product acquired. We do not take responsibility for the improper use of any products marketed by us and therefore reserve the right to exempt us from any civil, criminal and material liability arising from this practice. If in doubt, always look for a professional able to clarify about the correct use of the product that you want to acquire or contact us through our Customer Service Center