Cream Peeling Podal Care Tuon 90gr

$6.48 USD

It exfoliates physical exfoliation obtained from the grinding of the nutshell that accelerates the process of cell renewal. Formulated with paraffin base, it promotes hygiene and scaling through the mechanical process exerted on the surface of the feet and hands.

PARAFFIN: Composed of a mixture of saturated hydrocarbons of high molecular weight and are obtained by the refining of the lubricating oils.
Nutshell: Physical scrub obtained from nutshell, accelerates the process of cell renewal
SILICONE FUNCTIONAL AMINO: It brings benefits in the sensorial of the skin increases the softness and protection formed through a a permeable film.

How to use:
Apply and massage with circular movements until total desquamation of excess product in order to promote complete hygiene and exfoliation of the feet and hands. After cleansing with the fluid the exfoliation should be started and there is no contraindication as to its use since the procedure is recommended once a week.

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