Regenerating ointment Podal Care Tuon 70 gr

$6.21 USD

Regenerates cracks and cracks and prevents dryness of feet and hands. It has in its formulation active ingredients such as Mango Butter and Lanolin that restore the elasticity of the skin, keeping it soft and healthy looking.

LANOLINA: Natural product obtained from sheepskin wax. It has emollient, super-thickening, dispersing, adhering and plasticizing properties MANGO BUTTER: It is a light fat, extracted from the core of the mango, free of pesticides and synthetic antioxidants. It has a luxuriant grinding touch is super-greasy agent and features cicatrizane property, used in the treatment of fissures and excised skins.

How to use:
Apply the Regal Care Regenerating Ointment to the rough areas when they are excessively dry. For a better result apply the product twice a day.

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