Tuon Water Replacement Hydroscopic Kit

$35.66 USD

For a better repairing water supply with a light and smooth touch, we develop the HIDRAMICELAR line, rich in water carriers, which facilitates the permea- tion of two repositories of controlled storage. No micro-coating system for coating capillary fiber to linha HIDRAMICELAR conta com incrível pre-casting system gives two fios and gives porosidade caused by chemical agents, graças a or pantotênico acid present in the micellar structure of PANTENOL.

Thermal Shampoo 500 mL
Thermal Balm 500 mL
Thermal Water 250 mL

Kit Litro 28 aplicações.
500mL kit: 28 aplicações.
Crystallizer 250mL: 21 aplicações.

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