With more than 20 years of market, we are a passionate cosmetics industry in hair beauty, specializing in the development of high technology products and performance focused on the professional hairdressing public since 1999 headquartered in the state of São Paulo - Capital.


With facilities adapted to Sanitary Surveillance standards, we have the productive capacity to meet all needs from 100 kg to 2 tons, with automatic and semi-automatic machines. A laboratory structure that maintains a rigorous quality system for certification and delivery of the finished product.

Our Principles

Commitment to ethics, confidentiality, partnership, agility and punctuality in delivery.

Our differences:

Our differences are in the guaranteed quality of products and excellence in customer service. We have facilities adequate to Sanitary Surveillance standards and productive capacity. The manufacturing process is accompanied by trained and qualified professionals, who carry out rigorous quality processes in all stages of the manufacturing process, analyzing everything from the raw material to the final product.

- We have a complete professional line for the beauty salon.

- Technical and commercial support for the professional

- Quality, speed and agility.

- To offer products of excellence in beauty, to improve our services, always providing products of reliability and high performance.


- To be a reference company for our customers, employees and suppliers. To be recognized by our excellence, our products, services and relationship.

- Confidence

- Focus on quality

- Ethics and transparency

- Attendance with excellence.

- Commitment to growth and results